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Captivated Kids. Calmer Family Travel

Remember your first trip overseas?


It changed you as a person. Seeing new things helped you learn about yourself and the world.

Travel Activity Pack for Toddlers

You want travel to be part of your kid’s childhood. But that means needing to be on a plane with your toddler, right?

Begin the journey by connecting with your child on the airplane
kids learning activity kit

Teacher Designed Activities

Show me Kids Activity Kit 1


A careful mix of hands-on fun, educational activities, and crafts in each pack, these kits will have children engaged and parents breathing out.


I bought one of these fabulous kits to take away to Queensland for my 5 year old. She loves making things with the pipe cleaners and pom poms! 

Lou - Mum to Myla age 5

We travel often with our two kids, Last time we took with us Travel Karma’s Activity Pack and it had both my kids occupied for most of the journey!

Jenny - Mum to Alex age 8 and Jasmine age 5

We used the Travel Karma activity pack on our trip to USA.  It was really handy in flight and on road trips as well. It's a no brainer for anyone travelling with kids.

Hemant - Dad to Krisha age 3

"What I love about it is all the activities are separated into individual packs and come with ideas for each" Anne Mum to Grace Age 3 

Show me this Activity Pack

What parents love about Travel Karma

Remember before you had kids and those last minute travel plans you excitedly pulled together?

Those days are gone. Now, you need to consider:

Family friendly accommodation

Safe drinking water

Kid friendly food and activities

How to reduce jet lag and last but not least

Where you can find good coffee(!)


After 10+ years experience teaching internationally and dozens of long-haul flights with babies, toddlers and children, I know pointless "busy" work doesn’t keep children engaged in learning.


Being engaged is not the same as being kept busy.


Engagement occurs when "students make a psychological investment in learning... understanding the material and incorporating or internalizing it in their lives."


That means Travel Karma activity packs don’t distract your kids:


they teach them.

Preparing for a long-haul flight? Make travel fun, educational, and a whole lot easier.


Travel Karma Jumbo Activity Pack – our featured product of the month!


Includes Board Games, Colouring, Travel Journal, Stickers and promises to captivate kids the longest.

Designed to make travel Easier, Fun and Educational

  • Captivate kids for the long haul with the Jumbo Travel Activity Pack
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  • Travel Board Games - Snakes and ladders & Around the World
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Before kids you could go on last minute trips.

I’m Kristen Dias, the teacher brain behind Travel Karma. I want to help mums and dads feel confident to travel on an airplane with their kids and show them the world. I can show you how to do what seems too hard (and a bit crazy). Want to use your maternity leave to take your newborn to Thailand for a break? I did. I’ll show you how to do it too.

That's where Travel Karma comes in. We’ve lived it, learned from it, and now we help you do it. Meet the Travel Karma family or read my

Practical Advice For Travelling with Kids

Flying with a baby?

Yes please, I'd love a free Q&A session.