Did you know? Surprising Educational Benefits of Board Games

There are many educational benefits of Board Games for Children

Many of the benefits of playing board games for 6 years olds or 60-year-olds are obvious. You'll have fun and give families a chance to connect and spend time together. This article provides insights into the educational value that board games provide for children. 

There are also studies that show that board games have strong values educationally.

They let children learn 

  • Numeral identification
  • Counting
  • Number line estimation (in which a child is asked to mark the location of a number on a line)
  • Numerical magnitude comparison (in which a child is asked to choose the greater of two numbers)
  • Consider the concept of rules
  • Practice following rules
  • Winning and losing with grace
  • Getting along with others
  • Develop superior mathematical skills when repeatedly playing board games
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    travel board game snakes and ladders

    Snakes and Ladders – Travel Karma’s version of the ancient Indian game snakes and ladders.

    Snakes and Ladders as well as being fun, has many educational benefits for children. It develops counting skills and also addition skills. For example if a player is on square 15 and they roll and 4 they will move forward 4 spaces to 19. The child may realise or be prompted by an adult that 4+15=19

    Children also learn about the sequences of numbers as they move around the game board. 

    Snakes and ladders also develops in children an understanding of consequences, a child may be far ahead in the game expecting to win and then land on a snake that takes them close to the start and into last place. Of course the opposite can happen, you can still win the game when you are well behind the leader.

    Around the World

    Around the World was created by Travel Karma on a world map base; children can learn about the countries and continents as well as the animals that live in those areas.

    The game itself teaches children about numbers and sequences as they go around the board. They also learn counting, and arithmetic skills such as if a player is on square 7 and they roll a 5 they will move forward to square 12. The child after playing the game repeatedly or being prompted by an adult will start to realise 7+5=12.

    Around the world also teaches children some of the practical consequences of traveling e.g. applying for a visa, having a passport and can spark conversations with their parents about the need for these while traveling.

    Check out our Travel Board Games

    Comment below, what board games do you love to play with your kids? 

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