How to stop your kids nagging you for snacks all day

So kids seem to be just as hungry as us during this coronavirus lockdown, and that means mum has to constantly get them snacks. My son has had three breakfasts already today and it’s only 9am! 

I’ve been working from home since my daughter was born 5 years ago. I have come up with a few strategies over the years to stop my kids nagging me for snacks all the time, so I thought I'd share them with you, I hope they help you get a break! 

1. Set up a snack station 

What’s a snack station I hear you ask? Well it’s a low table the kids can reach with an array of snacks they kids like that they can “graze” at so you don’t have to keep preparing things throughout the day. My snack station usually has crackers, cherry tomatoes, cheese, fruit (banana, apple, grapes, strawberries) something less healthy like a packet of chips or a small piece of chocolate. You can put as much or as little on the table as you like. You can also place your child's water bottles on the table. You need to show your child the snack station and tell them how it works. Tell them they don’t need to ask mum for help, they can come and get a snack whenever they want one. My kids love this and it definitely gives me a break! They also like to contribute to what should go on the snack station each day. 

2. Put food within reach
 From about age 2 your child can probably open the fridge and the pantry. If you strategically place snacks on the bottom shelf that your child can reach, then they can just help themselves whenever they like. E.g. put grapes, tomatoes, cheese cubes low down in the fridge so your kids can reach them. Put crackers, sultana boxes etc down low in the pantry. Put the fruit bowl at a height your child can reach and tell them they can have fruit whenever they like. 

3. Let them make their own snacks!

My daughter is 5 and she makes her own breakfast cereal and sandwiches. Not all the time, but she can do it, and she likes to try. If I’m really busy and she wants something like this, I say do you think you could have a go to do this yourself? I think you’ll be able to do it. Usually this is enough encouragement for her to do it. Will she make a mess? Of course. But she’s learning to be independent, and I don’t have to stop what I'm doing that minute and make it for her! I also ask her to try to clean up if she makes a mess. 

4. Pack their lunchbox with snacks

Your kids survive all day at day care, kinder and school without you running to the pantry 500 times to get them food. So how about you pack their lunchbox and then they can use that for their snacks and they don't need to disturb you constantly. 

Are you looking for activities for kids where they don't need too much interaction from you, so you can get a break? Read this 20 independent activities for kids in this article.  

5. Eat lunch together 

All of these tips have to be used in moderation, your child is sometimes coming over because they just want to interact with you. So make a time to all eat together like lunchtime, you may even like to go outside and have a picnic together, if the weather is nice. If the weather isn’t great, you can just put down a blanket on the lounge room floor and have a picnic together there. Kids love these fun little adventures and it’s nice to have some time to connect as a family while you enjoy your lunch. The kids can help you decide what to have for your picnic too! 

Know when your kids need you and be present

You may be reading this thinking, gee does this chick interact with her kids at all? I’m not necessarily highly emotionally intelligent, but I do try to keep in tune with what my kids need. Luckily they are not exactly subtle when they need me. My son will slide between me and my computer screen and say I want to sit on your lap, or say I want to cuddle you. When he does that I know that’s it for work for the moment and I just need to put the computer down and be present with him. My daughter will get exasperated at times and say Mama you’re not looking! (Or listening). So I try to understand that she really needs me then, and stop working for a while.  

Looking for some more independent activities for your kids to do at home?


I've created a whole list of things your kids can do at home by themselves so you can get some time to work from home, do some cleaning or just have a break! 

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30 days of learning activities at home  during coronavirus isolation

Comment below, how are you managing at home with your kids? 

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