STEAM Learning Activity - Creating a pom pom garden

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STEAM Learning Activity - Creating a pom pom garden

This activity is a creative sensory experience for your child, they can squish and squeeze the fluffy pom poms, grip and draw with crayons developing fine motor skills and connect with you while creating a beautiful artwork. 

pom pom activity


Various sizes and colours of pom poms from the Bend, Create Critters and Sensory Play Kit

Glue from the Draw, Collage, Origami Kit

Coloured paper from the Draw, Collage, Origami Kit

Coloured Pencils from the Draw, Collage, Origami Kit

(All Items are available in the Jumbo Activity Kit

 How to create your pom pom garden

  1. Take your paper and pencils
  2. Draw a garden of stems and leaves
  3. Take your glue stick, and take off the lid (be careful not to lose the lid, as the glue stick will dry out).
  4. Carefully choose some pom poms of various colours and sizes.
  5. Glue your pom poms onto the tops of the stems as flowers (or in any other creative way you wish!)
  6. You have now created your pom pom collage garden!

Learning Outcomes 

Fine Motor Skills – are involved in developing dexterity in small children.  To develop dexterity children need to practice the coordination of small muscles, usually the hands and fingers, in coordination with the eyes. Fine motor skill development aids in the growth of intelligence in children, and it’s a skill that develops continuously as children practice over the stages of development.  Choosing and carefully placing the pom poms on the flower stems develops fine motor skills.

Artistic – As children begin to learn to draw, they will begin to see connections between the shapes they draw and the physical world around them. Circles and lines are some of the first shapes children draw to represent people and flowers and trees. Later in the artistic development stages, children will draw the sky, ground, and objects will be places on the ground or in the sky.

Visual – While children’s visual learning is developing, they will bring objects closer to their eyes to examine them closely, when doing this they are bringing their mental and visual attention to the item and blocking out other objects from their view. In this activity you may see your child closely examining the pom poms of various shapes and sizes to choose which ones they will use for their collage. You can see your child’s visual learning skills developing right before your eyes!

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Comment below, did you child enjoy creating a pom pom garden? 


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