Everything that has made Travel Karma with kids

All the baby gear that makes our Travel Karma

On this page you'll find all the things I take on holidays with my kids. 

I have only recommended one of each kind of product, as these are the products I have actually used myself. I don't want to recommend anything to you that I can't say I used on my own kids. 

I am a bit of a crazy researcher, so before I bought any of these products for my kids I did a lot of my own research first and read a lot of reviews. 

Travel Stroller - Zoe XLC

I did a crap load of research on strollers before I was travelling overseas alone with my 9 month old and 3 year old and would need a back pack to carry the stroller, the nappy bag and everything else. 

Features I love 

The stroller folds up very small and in the overhead bin on the flight

as light as possible 
comes with a backpack I can carry it in 
has a large sun visor 
adjustable seat to lay down for sleeping on the go 
basket underneath for carrying my handbag etc 
5 point harness 

I came across the ZOE XLC and it ticked EVERY box. 

I've used it on a few trips since and it's great, Joey is now 2 and a half and he still fits into it comfortably. 

Zip Lock Breast Milk Bags - Swisspers

Sometimes it's convenient to have expressed breast milk available when you're breast feeding, but once you've pumped the milk you need to store it somewhere. 

I used zip lock breast milk bags, like these Swisspers ones. 

Features I love

The come already sterilised 

The zip lock top ensures they won't leak 

You can freeze the breast milk in the bag to store it longer

They have measurements on the side so you can judge how much they hold. 

Once you've used them once you throw them out, as they are no longer sterile. 

I poured the milk straight from the bottle on the breast pump into the breast milk bag.  I took it on the plane still frozen in a thermo bag. I had one attached to my nappy bag so I just used it. 

You can sit the pouch in a container of hot water if necessary. You can ask the cabin crew for hot water if you need to heat the breast milk pouches.  

Portacot/Travel Cot - Phil and Teds

When our children were babies we found having a portacot very useful. 

Features I love 

The Phil and Teds portacot is very light (they advertise it as lighter than the baby at 2.8kg). 

When it's packed up in it's bag it can actually fit inside a large suitcase. 

It's quite compact even when it's put together so there is space for it even in a regular hotel room. 

You can also let your child play in the portacot and the side zips down 

It also has a mesh top that can be used for shade if using it outdoors. 

Baby Formula Milk Dispense - Nuolux

I use a dispenser similar to this for formula when I'm traveling. 

Features I love 

You can measure the formula into the compartments then it's ready to put straight into the bottle. 

It has a small hole to pour the formula into the bottle so it doesn't spill. 

I also prepared baby bottles with water measured into them ready to be made up on a flight, or wherever I needed to give my baby a bottle. 

You can then shake up the bottle ready to feed your baby.

UHT Milk cartons - Devondale

As your baby gets older and is no longer drinking breast milk or formula, you may want to feed them cows milk. 

The easiest option I have found is to use UHT milk packets. 

Features I love 

These milk cartons come in a pack of 6 from supermarkets and are cost effective

You can carry as many individuals packs in your nappy bag. 

The UHT packets don't need to be refrigerated, 

 They come in a 200ml size, which is about how much a toddler will drink and fits in a cup or bottle. 

My kids were always happy to drink milk at room temperature, so I didn't need to worry about heating it either. 

The box also come with a straw so older children who love milk can drink it straight from the carton. 

If your child has milk before bed you can give them milk in a sippy cup to get them into "sleep mode". 

You can read these 10 tips for getting your baby to sleep on a plane. 

You may also be thinking about how to avoid your baby crying on take off and landing. If you feed your baby milk in their during take off and landing, it will avoid ear pain while can cause them to cry in pain.  

 When I'm traveling I always carry some with me in the nappy bag in case my son wants some milk.Read more here about how to bring milk onto a plane for a baby. 

Nipple Shields - Medela 

When I took my daughter to Thailand she was only 7 weeks old and I was still figuring out breast feeding. 

I used nipple shields to make is easier for her to latch on (and reduce the pain a little bit for me!). 

Features I love

You can wash them easily with soap and water. 

They are a very soft silicone and very thin, so they fit comfortably. 

They come with a little plastic container so you can pop them in your nappy/diaper bag when you go out. 

Breast Feeding/Tummy Time Pillow 

I used a breast feeding pillow when my kids were very young as I found it more comfortable when holding and feeding them for hours a day. 

Features I love

Your arms can get very sore holding your baby while feeding them up to 8 times a day, so this pillow was a life (arm) saver.

As they got a little bigger, I could also use the pillow to support them on the floor when doing tummy time. 

It was also washable so I just put the whole pillow in the washing machine occasionally 

Although it was a little bulky, I took my breast feeding pillow with me in my suitcase when we traveled in the first few months. It made feeding more relaxed for me and my baby. 

Nappy/Diaper Bag - Babymoov

This is my absolute favourite baby item I bought for my babies. I was living in India when I bought Scarlett's and I had to import it, but it was SO good, the hassle was totally worth it. 

This is the only nappy bag I could find that set my mind at ease that I would be prepared for anything.

Features I love

It has a removable change mat with pockets to put wipes and nappies in and clips onto the front of the bag. 

dummy/pacifier holder that clips on to the strap on the bag, so no searching through the bag trying to find the dummy holder

It has an insulated bottle holder which also clips on, and can hang outside the bag 

LOTS of pockets inside for storing medication, changes of clothes, nappies and snacks. 

Zip pocket on end of the bag for keys and phone 

It comes with straps so you can hang it on the pram 

This nappy bag is SO good, I bought another one when Joey was born. It's seriously amazing. 

Microwave Steriliser Bags - Medela

If you are staying in an apartment or in accommodation that has a microwave, then you can't go past these sterilising bags to sterlise your breast pump, bottles, and dummies or pacifiers. 

You just put the washed items in the bag with a little bit of water, zip the lock and turn on the microwave. Just be careful of the steam when you open the bag. 

Features I love

The steam eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria

A lot faster and more convenient than boiling items especially when you don't have a stove while traveling 

The bags can be used up to 20 times, so the 5 bags that come in this pack are great for one trip

They are really compact and don't take up much space in your luggage  

Sterilising Tablets - Miltons

If your accommodation doesn't have a microwave then you can still sterilise bottles, your breast pump and other items. 

When we were in Vietnam when Joey was 14 weeks old, we used these tablets. 

Features I love 

The items in the sterilised water stay sterile for 24 hours 

These are great if you don't have a microwave in your hotel 

Perfect if you are in a country where the water quality isn't great 

You don't need to rinse the items, just take them straight out of the sterile water 

Hand Breast Pump - Medela 

When out and about on holidays you may find it convenient to be able to pump/express milk. 

This hand breast pump is what I used when Scarlett was 7 weeks old, we were in Thailand and I wanted to pump some extra milk for her. I also used it at the airport before we got on our flight from Melbourne. 

Features I love

Compact enough to fit into a nappy bag or hand bag 

doesn't need electricity like a larger powered breast pump

is quiet if you need to pump discreetly 

made from very soft silicone so it's comfortable to use 

easy to clean and sterilise

comes with a stand so it's harder to accidentally knock it over (i'm pretty unco, so this would happen easily!) 

Electric Double Breast Pump - Medela 

When you're at home or in your accommodation, you will likely find it more convenient to use an electric breast pump. This one is the best, it has excellent reviews, and I used this one myself. 

Features I love 

It's a double pump so you can pump from both breasts at the same time, which is a lot more efficient than doing one at a time

It can also be used just on one breast at a time if you prefer or are using it while feeding 

It has a timer so you know how long you've been pumping 

It has different settings that simulate how a baby feeds which mazimises the amount of milk you can pump 

The shape and design of the pump is very comfortable to use 

Pram Pegs  - All4Ella

Pram Pegs are awesome for clipping items onto your pram or stroller when you're out and about. 

It can be really annoying trying to keep a muslin attached to the pram if it's windy, so these will securely attach them. 

Features I love 

They easily clip onto the sun visor of your pram so you can attach a muslin for shade 

You can also attach toys for your baby to play with 

These open wide so you can also attach a thick blanket at the sides of the pram if you're on a winter holiday 

Baby Bottles - Avent Natural 

I used these bottles when I was feeding my babies expressed breast milk. 

Features I love 

The wide shape of the teat is very similar to a breast, so it's good for combining with breast feeding, as your baby doesn't get too confused going from breast to bottle. 

It's not too big, I could actually fit two of these bottles in the bottle warmer in the Babymoov Nappy Bag I've mentioned above. 

The teat is made from very soft silicon so it's comfortable for baby to feed 

It has an anti colic vent and my babies didn't get colic using these bottles. 

Pacifier/Dummy - Avent

I used these dummies with Scarlett until she was about 14 months old when she gave them up. Joey never really took to a dummy even though I sometimes wish he would have!

Features I love 

Using a dummy when traveling for comfort was great as it gave another option to stop the baby crying, especially on a flight! 

These are easily able to be sterilised along with bottles and breast pump parts. They can go straight into microwave sterilising bags. 

They have air holes so baby's skin can breathe.  

Muslin Burp Cloths

Muslin cloths are a traveling parents best friend. 

You can use them to create shade, wiping up vomit or dribble, or anything you've spilled (yep that's me). 

Features I love

These are made of 100% cotton so they are very light and breathable 

Can be used as a sheet in the cot 

Use on the floor for tummy time 

Use with pram pegs on your pram to shade baby so they're not disturbed and get longer sleeps!

Breast Feeding Cover 

Breast Feeding covers are a little controversial, some people argue against using them as mums shouldn't need to cover up when feeding their baby. 

I personally agree with this in principle, but in some countries that you may travel to, it's definitely not to norm to see mum's breast exposed when feeding her baby. 

I felt more comfortable to use a breast feeding cover when feeding my babies in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and India. 

Features I love

The neck attachment makes it easy to slip over your head and your hands can be free 

The design means you can look into the cover and see your baby 

There is space for air flow 

The cover is fairly large so it covers you and your baby easily 

It can also be used as a blanket or cover for UV protection 

SILLY BILLYZ Muslin Swaddle Wrap, Boy, White (Pack Of 2)(Z) - FicBox Breast Feeding Nursing Cover Made by Cotton (Z)muslin burp cloths for baby travel

Baby Travel Bowl and Spoon with Cover - Tommee Tippee

This style of bowl is great when you are traveling. I often make my own baby food (Joey refused to eat packet baby food!), so then you need to be able to carry and serve it. 

Features I love

It comes with a lid which seals airtight which means no spills and the food is preserved safely for your baby to eat 

Spoon and fork included which clip onto the bowl so no scrabbling around the bottom of your nappy bag 

Suction base which locks to the table so your baby can't tip the food everywhere (woo!)

Nappy/Diaper disposal bags 

I've been carrying these nappy disposal bags with me everywhere for 5 and a half years now. I mostly use them for nappies, but have used them for dirty clothes, mushed up food and anything else I need to contain. 

Features I love

It's easy to tie up the dirty nappy so it's "leak free" 

Odour neutralising, boy is that necessary sometimes, especially when they start eating food!

They are biodegradable, so will break down

Baby Wipes - Curash

Baby Wipes are one of the best "baby" products out there. I use them ALL THE TIME, for everything, wiping coffee I spilt on the floor, cleaning the window sills and bathroom benches, oh and yeah sometimes for the kids too! 

When you're traveling these will be used multiple times a day. Put some in your nappy bag and a bunch of packs in your check in luggage. 

Features I love 

These wipes are Fragrance free – unscented which is great for all skin and especially if you or your baby has more sensitive skin

pH balanced, soap free and alcohol free 

This brand are dermatologist & pediatrician tested which is great to know!

They are super thick, super soft and a nice size 

Curash is also Australian made 

Baby Sleeping Bag - Grobag

Both my kids have used Gro Bags to sleep in, Joey still uses one, and Scarlett slept in one til she was 3. 

They are great quality, Joey has summer and winter ones, in summer he sleeps in just his nappy and his gro bag when it's very hot. 

What's great about traveling with them especially on the flight, is your baby associates wearing it with sleeping. As soon as your put it on, they will think ok, sleep time if you use them at home at bed time too. Read more of my tips for getting your baby to sleep on the plane. 

Features I love 

They get your baby into sleep mode!

They are cotton, so very comfortable and durable 

They are machine washable, which is great because they sure get washed a lot!

There is a Zip-click feature which stop little ones from opening their zips 

Baby Sleep Swaddle - Love to Dream

These "hands up" sleep swaddles are awesome. 

They are made of stretchy soft fabric so they are very comfortable for your baby. 

They are great to use on the flight so get baby snuggly and sleepy so they'll sleep for you!  

Some babies hate having their hands swaddled, this is a great solution, their hands are sort of free, but they are inside the suit so they can't scratch their face or jerk their hands and wake themselves up. 

Features I love 

Hands up but still contained 

Soft stretchy fabric 

Can suck on their hands through the fabric, helps your baby to self soothe and sleep 

Baby Comfort Security Blanket/Lovey for Sleep

These are great again for helping baby sleep. This particular one has soft plush fur and a satin trim which some babies love rubbing on their face to soothe themselves to sleep. 

They are another item I always use to get my babies to sleep, trying to emulate sleeping at home as much as possible. 

Scarlett's worked so well for sleep we used to call her's sleeping teddy. 

Features I love 

It's very safe for baby as it's lightweight, so baby can easily move it if she puts it near her nose or mouth. 

Soft and fluffy to soothe your baby 

Satin shiny trim for sensory comfort 

The eyes are embroidered so they are very safe and can't come off. 

Teething Toy Gel

Teething toys are always great to have with you as something to play with for babies and toddlers. 

I like this pack as it has 3, so you can have one or two in the nappy bag and one at home. You can also keep one in the car. These sorts of things always seem to go missing (I think the kids drop them from the pram) so it's good to get them in a multi pack. 

Features I love 

They are made of a soft plastic which kids love to chew on 

There is a gel inside which goes cold when you place it in the fridge; kids love to chew on these when their teeth and gums are uncomfortable and the coolness feels soothing 

they are really easy to clean 

These shapes are easy for kids to grip and hold 

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