How do you travel with a baby?

How on earth did we manage to travel overseas with a newborn? 

The challenges included getting a passport for her, which included getting her birth certificate, passport photo and filling in the required forms. 

Our son's passport photo as a newborn is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, so I just have to share it here. 

baby passport photo newborn

You'll also want to consider booking accommodation that will be easy and comfortable for you and your baby, check out these tips for all the things to consider when booking accommodation for a baby

Then the challenge of what to pack for a baby

It's much easier if you have your hands free and your baby can lie down in a bassinet on the plane, but if it's a busy flight you are not guaranteed access to one. Read our tips on How to get a bassinet seat on the plane

baby in bassinet on plane

If you don't get a bassinet, you can read What to do if you don't get a bassinet seat 

newborn on plane

Once you are on the flight there are many tips you can follow for Surviving the flight with a baby 

Of course, the best outcome is that you can get the baby to sleep for as much of the flight as possible. Here are my tips for getting your baby to sleep on the plane

sleeping baby on plane in mother's arms

You need to ensure you are careful with water, including drinking water and also washing bottles and other dishes with water. How to wash and sterilise bottles for a baby in Asia

Once you've arrived, you will want to make sure you follow these tips for enjoying your holiday with a baby https://www.travelkarma.com/blogs/travel-journey-tips/tips-for-travelling-with-a-baby 

baby near pool in vietnam family holiday

Looking for inspiration for where to go with your baby?

Read about our holiday in Hoi An Vietnam with our 14 week old son and 3 year old daughter. 

vietnam eating hoi an newborn and toddler

Tell us in the comments below, would you take your baby on a holiday? Or do you think we are crazy!? :) 

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