How to get safe drinking water with kids on holidays

Are you going on a trip in 2020?

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If you are traveling to Asia including Vietnam, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia or Laos you may be wondering…

How can I ensure the water in Asia is safe for my kids to drink?

It's not safe to drink tap water in many countries in Asia and specifically South East Asia.

It's best for your peace of mind to always carry your own water and not drink water offered to you in restaurants in a glass. You can ask for bottled water and they will bring a bottle to the table that hasn't been opened. 

You can see in this image that there's a bottle of water on the table. This is a 5-star hotel in Sri Lanka, and they understood that we were worried about clean water for our family, and were happy to provide it. 

water bottle on table in 5 star hotel in sri lanka

You needn't worry too much about where to get clean, safe drinking water. No-one in these countries drinks tap water as it’s not safe for them to drink either.

This means there is easily (and cheaply) available safe drinking water all over the place. You can find small bottles in restaurants and convenience stores and supermarkets. You can also find large bottles (2 - 5 litres) which are great for filling smaller bottles and to use for cleaning baby bottles and other dishes.

When going out we would buy smaller bottles to carry or decant water from the large bottle into our own drink bottles. We like to bring the kids own water bottles from home to help them feel a little more comfortable in a new situation. 

We use one similar to this that our kids like to drink from. 



How do I clean the drinking water bottles we brought from home when the water is not clean?

Buy a large (at least 5 litre) bottle of water from the shops nearby. You can tip it into the bathroom sink if you are in a hotel room. Then you can use this to wash and rinse any bottles, plates, cutlery, pacifiers etc you need to clean. 

You can buy dishwashing detergent from any nearby store, or bring a small bottle from home. 

 Read about how to safely sterilise baby bottles when traveling in Asia. 

Have you started thinking about what you need to pack for your holiday? Download our checklist for packing for a baby here. 

Comment below, have you traveled overseas in a country without clean drinking water? How did you adjust? 

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