How to sterilise baby bottles while traveling in Asia

If you are traveling in Asia with babies or kids you will likely be somewhat concerned about the safety of the drinking water. 

This is understandable, but can be dealt with fairly easily. 

For starters you can read about How to get safe drinking water in Asia for kids

Next you may be wondering 

How can I sterilize Baby Bottles while traveling in Asia?

The easiest way to sterilise baby bottles (you can use this tip at home too!) is to use a microwave sterilising bag. It's baiscally just a heavy duty zip lock bag that you put a little water in the bottom of so it steams up and sterilises the contents of the bag. 

When our daughter was 7 weeks old we took her to Thailand. We were staying in an apartment so we found it quite easy to sterilise her bottles in the microwave in the room using these bags. They are so convenient and much smaller and lighter than bringing the microwave steriliser from home. Medela states that they are a safe and reliable steam treatment that eliminates 99.9 % of common bacteria and germs. They are also BPA free. 

Just be careful when you get them out of the microwave and you don't want to burn yourself or any little ones with the steam or hot water. 

You can buy them in baby supply shops in Australia and also on amazon. 

baby bottle sterilise microwave bad travel asia

Now depending on where you decide to stay you might not have access to a microwave. 

How do I sterilise baby bottles and breast pump accessories with no microwave?

We traveled to Vietnam with our baby when he was 14 weeks old. Our room didn't have a microwave or a stove, but we needed to sterilise and wash his bottles. Read more here about getting safe drinking water in Asia. 

We used bottled water which we bought from a nearby store to wash and rinse our bottles. Then we used Milton's antibacterial sterilizing tablets in a plastic container filled with bottled water to sterilise our bottles. 

sterilising tablets for clean baby bottles

We also used this sterilised water to soak drinking water bottles, dummies etc with the Miltons tablets. Read more at this link below on how to use the tablets. I bought them from a pharmacy before we left for Vietnam. 


We followed these steps while traveling with our kids and have so far avoided any illness with them in Asia.

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Comment below, have you traveled with a baby under 12 months in Asia? How did you find the experience? 


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