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Jumbo Travel Activity Pack - Board Games, Colouring, Travel Journal, Stickers. Captivates kids the longest.

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Does Getting onto a 10 hour flight with your child fill you with dread?

Imagine getting onto the plane with your kids feeling peace of mind with no worries or fears about your children being noisy, bored, or restless on a long haul flight.

All the hard work has been done for you, your child can create crafts, play board games, sensory activities, colouring, sticking, scrunching, threading, twirling, and imaginative play your child will need to keep them occupied for a long haul flight and later in your accommodation, on car rides, or at dinner. 

I’ve used premium quality zip lock bags and separated the items into 4 kits so the kids can play and create with one kit, pack it up and then move onto the next one. By the end of a ten+ hour flight, your child will have had a great time and you can breathe a sigh of relief that you made it through the flight.

Buy a refill kit next time so you can keep the box and fill it up with new items for your next trip. 

We have helped dozens of families hop on the plane feeling relaxed and excited with their travel activity pack to keep their kids entertained. 

There's  limited stock, so click the add to cart button now to make sure you are ready to keep your child occupied before you get on the plane. 

What's in the Jumbo Travel Activity Pack? -

2 board games, dice and playing pieces - play along with your kids while they learn about numbers and counting

Activity, Colouring Book and Travel Journal - activities, colouring, games and a travel journal in the one booklet. It's for kids who like to colour, draw, do puzzles, and play games.  The book also includes a travel journal for kids to record  their holiday, it includes a place to record the daily weather, the food you ate, how you travelled, your favourite part of the day and a space to draw a picture or you could choose to paste a photo into your journal.

Postcard - Use the stickers and pencils to send a post card to a loved one 

World map - show your child where you are going, where you live, and other parts of the world and how they fit into it. 

Pom Poms decorate your post card, embellish a drawing or make a crazy pom pom critter with the colourful pom poms, Useful for craft, or creating a collage on your coloured paper from Activity kit 4

Bendy Drinking Straws are great fun to bend, thread onto pipe cleaners, arrange by size, build & create craft models.

Pipe Cleaners/Chenille sticks The bright colours will inspire your child’s imagination. Perfect for any craft activity and easy for children to use. Great for fine motor skills. Create animals, people, flowers, insects or simply add as decoration to any craft project or card making. Easy to bend and mould and thread onto straws, create some jewellery.

Goggle Eyes come with adhesive on the back so you can easily stick them on your collage, your critter, or your parents finger to make a puppet!

Inspiring Activities Booklet dozens of kid friendly how to’s with easy to follow pictures

Felt Pieces – make a pattern with the shapes, thread onto ribbon, glue onto paper to create an artwork

Ribbons children love the sensory feel of shiny ribbons, create a ribbon wand with an icy pole stick, thread felt onto your ribbons, learn to tie a bow

Coloured Icy Pole Sticks these come with Velcro so they can be stuck together – Use these to create and learn shapes, letters, numbers, add to your collage, thread shapes, create models.

Stickers - stick onto your post card to tell a story, add to your collage or artwork, stick onto your pom poms critters, or stick onto the tray table or even Dad!

Play Money - learn how to count money, calculate change and understand the relationships between different notes and coins. Play shop, develop monetary, counting and social skills. Use the zip lock bag as a pretend purse to play shopping games.

Coloured Cellophane combine two sheets to learn how colours can blend, Create stained glass windows, lanterns, backgrounds, scrunch for lovely sensory sounds and touch

Bubble Wrap Stress release for mum and dad - popping bubble wrap along with the kids . Fantastic for sensory development, scrunch, pop, twist your bubble wrap, or add it to an artwork.

Coloured Paper – make a paper plane, use for drawing, collage, write a letter or card.

Paper Doilies – stick onto your collage or artwork, do some fine colouring work on the lace of the doily, create a mobile or a flower.

Coloured Pencils – draw, colour and create with your pencils

Glue Stick – use to glue paper, doilies, felt pieces, pom poms, pipe cleaners, nontoxic and safe for kids