Bend, create critters, and sensory play kit

Bend, create critters, and sensory play kit

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This Kit is perfect for kids who enjoy the sensory feeling of soft, bendy play with pipe cleaners and pom poms. Stick on goggle eyes to create a critter. Create a 3d model with pipe cleaners and straws. 

Your kit comes in a premium quality zip lock bag to keep everything organised and easy to pack up when you're finished creating. 

We have helped dozens of families play, learn and create at lunch, weddings, on a train leaving parents feeling relaxed and kids excited to play with their travel activity pack. 

There's  limited stock, so click the add to cart button now to make sure you are ready to keep your child occupied, having fun and learning. 

What's in this kit

Pom Poms decorate your post card, embellish a drawing or make a crazy pom pom critter with the colourful pom poms, Useful for craft, or creating a collage on your coloured paper from your Drawing and Collage Kit

Bendy Drinking Straws are great fun to bend, thread onto pipe cleaners, arrange by size, build & create craft models.

Pipe Cleaners/Chenille sticks The bright colours will inspire your child’s imagination. Perfect for any craft activity and easy for children to use. Great for fine motor skills. Create animals, people, flowers, insects or simply add as decoration to any craft project or card making. Easy to bend and mould and thread onto straws, create some jewellery.

Goggle Eyes come with adhesive on the back so you can easily stick them on your collage, your critter, or your parents finger to make a puppet!

Inspiring Activities Booklet dozens of kid friendly how to’s with easy to follow pictures  

Postcard - Use the stickers and pencils to send a post card to a loved one 

World map - show you child where you are going, where you live, and other parts of the world and how they fit into it.