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Scrunch, Count, Pop and Stick Kit

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Does your child love sensory sounds, popping, scrunching, and sticking?  (Also for mom's who secretly love to pop some bubble wrap!). Does your child love to play shop? You'll also find play money in this kit for learning about money and numbers. 

Your kit comes in a premium quality zip lock bag to keep everything organised and easy to pack up when you're finished creating. 

We have helped dozens of families play, learn and create at lunch, weddings, on a train leaving parents feeling relaxed and kids excited to play with their travel activity pack. 

There's  limited stock, so click the add to cart button now to make sure you are ready to keep your child occupied, having fun and learning.

What's in this kit

Stickers - stick onto your post card to tell a story, add to your collage or artwork, stick onto your pom poms critters, or stick onto the tray table or even Dad! 

Play Money - learn how to count money, calculate change and understand the relationships between different notes and coins. Play shop, develop monetary, counting and social skills. Use the zip lock bag as a pretend purse to play shopping games.

Coloured Cellophane combine two sheets to learn how colours can blend, Create stained glass windows, lanterns, backgrounds, scrunch for lovely sensory sounds and touch

Bubble Wrap Stress release for mum and dad - popping bubble wrap along with the kids . Fantastic for sensory development, scrunch, pop, twist your bubble wrap, or add it to an artwork.

Inspiring Activities Booklet dozens of kid friendly how to’s with easy to follow pictures 

Postcard - Use the stickers and pencils to send a post card to a loved one 

World map - show you child where you are going, where you live, and other parts of the world and how they fit into it.